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National Action Alert: Urge Your Governor to Sign onto the DEA Rescheduling Petition Today!!

Posted by on February 15, 2012

Medical Marijuana Week Day 3

This year, the Justice Department has taken a very aggressive stance on medical cannabis, using dispensary raids and threats to landlords and public officials as a means to undermine the laws of several medical cannabis states. Notably, U.S. Attorneys sent intimidating letters to several governors in an attempt to stop them from implementing safe and sensible regulations.  Enough is enough!  

In response to this aggressive stance, Governors Gregoire (WA) and Chafee (RI) have filed a petition with the Drug Enforcement Administration to reclassify cannabis out of Schedule I, which would recognize its medical efficacy, increase therapeutic research, and help establish greater access for sick patients across the country.  To read more about the governor’s petition, click here to read ASA’s blog.  

Call your governor and urge him or her to sign onto Gregoire and Chafee’s  Petition to Reschedule Cannabis today!  To find your governor’s contact information, click here.

Governor _______________________________,

The Governors Gregoire (WA) and Chafee (RI) have shown leadership and are taking steps in the right direction towards ending federal interference in state and local public health laws, but this is not enough.  We need other governors to follow suit.  As your constituent and a member of the medical cannabis community, I urge you to sign onto the Governors’ petition urging the DEA to reschedule cannabis thereby opening up scientific research.  Our community needs your leadership to ensure safe access to medical cannabis.  Please help us end federal interference in medical cannabis programs and work toward creating policies that will resolve the conflict between state and federal laws once and for all.  Please sign onto the petition to reschedule cannabis today!

Thank You

Please share our action alert from our blog page by clicking here.  Encourage your friends and family to take action today and all week long.  To find out more actions medical cannabis patients around the country are taking this week, click here.   Remember to find a rally near you tomorrow, Thursday, February 16, 2012 and stand for our right to medical cannabis!  Click here to find a list of rally locations across the country. 

Thank you for taking a stand for safe access!

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