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Hazel Park,Oak Park Voters Approve Marijuana Proposals

Hazel Park Marijuana Ordinance   YES   763 (62%) NO   469 (38%)                     100 percent of precincts reporting                 Oak Park Marijuana Ordinance YES    2,161 (53%) NO    1,913 (47%) 100 percent of precincts reporting Hazel Park,Oak Park  voters approve pot proposals HAZEL … Continue reading »

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Pot at The Polls

Pot at the Polls. Michiganders are gearing up for a lot of voting about marijuana over the next several months. In August, folks in Hazel Park and Oak Park will be voting on decriminalization of possession and transfer on private property of up to an ounce of the substance for those 21 and older. Birmingham … Continue reading »

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Petition Drives Underway to Change Local Laws ,Cities Across Michigan

  Tim Beck, Chuck Ream and Justin Soffa from a Coalition for a Safer Michigan have lined up well over a dozen cities and there is a final deadline of May 10th to make a final commitment to completing the petition drive. Oak Park and Hazel Park petition drives have been completed already, under the … Continue reading »

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10 Truths About Marijuana

The buzz surrounding marijuana has become more of a roar since the U.S. state of Colorado legalized the drug earlier this year. Marijuana, a drug already deeply ingrained in modern culture, has seen its popularity rise like never before. No longer simply the lifeblood of 60′s hippies and Rasta-farians, or a subject for Kid Cudi … Continue reading »

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See No Evil * Smell No Evil * There Will Be No Evil

See No Evil…Don’t Draw Attention  An enclosed locked facility,just what is the definition? Can a person climb over the fence to your grow?  Can the plants be seen with the unaided eye?  If you need binoculars your OK,but still not secure-loose lips sink ships or medical marijuana grows in this case.When you grow outside it … Continue reading »

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Reason To Legalize Number One

Gabriella Miller speaks at CureFest for Childhood Cancer on Sept. 1, 2013 in Washington, DC . Reach out to others at every opportunity,some can’t wait until….. it’s too late. Stand for those that can not.Our government will not move quickly. Patients need help ——:> NOW Sadly,her parents waited until two days before she passed before … Continue reading »

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U.S. Government Finally Approves Medical Marijuana Research

  The Obama administration handed backers of medical marijuana a significant victory Friday, opening the way for a University of Arizona researcher to examine whether pot can help veterans cope with post-traumatic stress, a move that could lead to broader studies into potential benefits of the drug. For years, scientists who have wanted to study … Continue reading »

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Dr Sanjay Gupta’s “WEED 2″ Documentary

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Public Hearing On Key Medical Marijuana Bills HB 4271 and HB 5104

The Senate Government Operations Committee, chaired by Sen. Randy Richardville, has announced it will conduct a hearing on two critical medical marijuana bills early next week. The committee will hear testimony on HB 4271 and HB 5104 on Tuesday at 1 p.m.  What: Public hearing on HB 4271 and HB 5104 Where: Rooms 402 and 403, Capitol Building, 100 S. Capitol Avenue, … Continue reading »

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2014 – A Year Of Change

Will this Be The Year Of Marijuana Rescheduling ? New Year’s Day is a shining moment for those who’ve shouted Free the Weed in Colorado. And many Michiganders are voicing similarly upbeat sentiments about broadening the access to recreational as well as medical marijuana. Colorado kicks off legal sales of recreational marijuana today at state-licensed stores. … Continue reading »

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