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Monthly Archives: February 2012

Colorado Has Enough Votes to Put Legalization on the November 2012 ballot

The Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol initiative in Colorado has qualified for the November 2012 ballot!  In a little more than eight months, the voters of Colorado will have the opportunity to make the state the first place in the world with a fully legal and regulated marijuana market for all adults. The battle to end … Continue reading »

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Bona Fide Issue Resolved By Michigan Board Of Medicine

The Michigan Board of Medicine may have ended the discussion regarding what a “Bona Fide” Dr/pt. relationship is  They issued the following memorandum… The Board of Medicine and the Board of Osteopathic Medicine and Surgery has adopted the following statement to clarify the standard of care applicable to the evaluation of an individual for the … Continue reading »

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Medical Marijuana Week-Day 5

Today is the last day of Medical Marijuana Week, Americans for Safe Access’ (ASA) annual celebration of the progress we have made and a call to action for medical cannabis patients and advocates. Thousands of you have called the President, Congress, and your Governor already this week. Patients and advocates protested the Administration’s crack down … Continue reading »

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National Action Alert: Urge Your Governor to Sign onto the DEA Rescheduling Petition Today!!

Medical Marijuana Week Day 3 This year, the Justice Department has taken a very aggressive stance on medical cannabis, using dispensary raids and threats to landlords and public officials as a means to undermine the laws of several medical cannabis states. Notably, U.S. Attorneys sent intimidating letters to several governors in an attempt to stop … Continue reading »

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Medical Marijuana Week – Day 2: Congress can Protect Patients and Safe Access with HR 1983

Known as the States’ Medical Marijuana Patient Protection Act, the legislation would force the executive branch to stop dragging their feet on reclassifying marijuana under the Controlled Substances Act. It would also prevent the federal government from imposing penalties on anyone legitimately participating in a state medical marijuana program. The bill would further prevent the … Continue reading »

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Medical Marijuana Week!

Today is the start of Medical Marijuana Week!  Americans for Safe Access has created a week of actions our community must participate in to save safe access across the country.  Today’s target is Obama!  Despite his indication to take a more reasonable approach to medical cannabis, President Obama and his Administration have become more aggressive … Continue reading »

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Using Medical Marijuana Poses Dangers Many Patients Rarely Consider

With the many wonderful things medical marijuana has brought to the state of Michigan it is sad because it comes to us all with a price. With an unscrupulous attorney general in office with clear goals to repeal the voice of the voters he has changed the clear intent of the the law that was … Continue reading »

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