Judge says Medical Marijuana Law trumps law on transporting pot

Michigan’s medical marijuana law trumps another law that restricts how users can transport pot in cars, the state appeals court said, reversing the misdemeanor conviction of a man in Clinton County.

And judges around the state have made similar rulings. But the 2-1 appeals court decision is significant because it now applies statewide.

Mr.Callen Latz,a registered medical marijuana user,was charged in 2014 with violating a law that requires medical pot to be stored in a case in the trunk of a vehicle or in a spot that’s not easily accessible.

The marijuana transportation law was signed in 2012, four years after voters approved marijuana for certain illnesses. That created the conflict.
Mr. Latz is “immune from punishment” if he’s otherwise using medical marijuana properly, Judges Amy Ronayne Krause and Elizabeth Gleicher wrote.

“This is what I envisioned the day I took my first improper transport charge,” said Joshua Covert,Latz’ attorney . “People will no longer have to be arrested and spend a night in jail.”

In dissent, Judge Peter O’Connell said the transportation law is valid. He said local judges in each case should be allowed to determine whether someone is entitled to immunity.

The opinion was dated Tuesday but released Wednesday (12/21).

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Hacked By HolaKo

~!Trolled By HolaKo!~

Hacked By HolaKo


Greetz : TiGER-M@TE – w4l3xzy3 – Mauritania Attacker – Mr.Domoz – Kuroi’SH – ShadowMan .. @nd all friends.

\!/Straight Outta Palestine\!/

#You Have Been Trolled !

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Happy 420 !



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First an foremost we would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year and the Best Of Heath !


Hand writing medical marijuana

You may have noticed some changes over the past 18 months and also no changes and we would like to address this to keep the readers current.

First blow to the website – Loss of sponsors…When this website was born it was all financed by myself when I was forced into a bed with a multiple disk (back issue)that I never fully recovered from.

I slowly got enough sponsors to support the cost to run the website and things were looking very positive.Around our third year sponsorship started pulling out as the readership was not providing the clicks needed to keep them investing in ad space.

So reluctantly -:>                                                                                                                                          beggar
I went to a donate model
which I knew would not work out
(not one dollar was donated). 




It wasn’t enough that I was struggling to keep the website operational financially and keep the pages loading fast for the readership,I’ve had to deal with hackers attacking the website daily – So much so I had to invest in companies to protect and secure the website.

For the most part,readers post were legit and I really loved hearing from the community.But as you will notice today,there is not one reader comment since the birth of the website due to SPAM & WEBSITE ATTACKS.


MMN Editor…wounded warrior

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Michigan-14 Cities Pass Decriminalizing Marijuana/Thousands Demand Firing Of DEA Chief After He Calls Medical Marijuana A ‘Joke’

 Thousands Demand Firing Of DEA Chief After He Calls Medical Marijuana A ‘Joke’

Thousands Demand Firing Of DEA Chief After He Calls Medical Marijuana A 'Joke'

Thousands Demand Firing Of DEA Chief After He                     Calls Medical Marijuana A ‘Joke’

President Obama should fire Chuck Rosenberg and appoint a new DEA Administrator

Rosenberg, a former FBI official who was tapped to lead the DEA in May, has come under fire for denying that smoking marijuana can help some medical conditions.

“What really bothers me is the notion that marijuana is also medicinal — because it’s not,” Rosenberg told reporters last week. “We can have an intellectually honest debate about whether we should legalize something that is bad and dangerous, but don’t call it medicine — that is a joke.

   Let’s Get rid of this guy once and for all !Sign the petition



meanwhile in Michigan …….


These 14 cities in Michigan have passed laws decriminalizing marijuana possession and use

On November 4, voters in five Michigan cities voted to decriminalize marijuana possession.
Huntington Woods
Mount Pleasant
Port Huron
Ann Arbor, 1972 -Starting in 1972, possession of two ounces or less of marijuana would yield a $5 ticket.

Detroit, Flint, Grand Rapids, 2012 -Detroit’s proposal M exempts adults 21 years or older from criminal prosecution for the possession of an ounce or less of marijuana.

Flint’s policy is similar to Detroit’s, but for citizens 19 years or older. Flint police, however, were very vocal about the vote not influencing the way that police officers carried out their jobs.

Grand Rapids voters approved a law that mirrors Ann Arbor’s — possession of marijuana is a civil infraction, similar to receiving a parking ticket.

Lansing, Jackson, Ferndale, 2o13-Voters in Lansing, Jackson and Ferndale all passed local laws decriminalizing small amounts of marijuana in November of 2013.

Hazel Park, Oak Park, August 2014 – Both Hazel Park and Oak Park voted to decriminalize less than one ounce of marijuana for adults 21 and older who are on private property.

Berkley, Huntington Woods, Pleasant Ridge-(voted to make marijuana a low priority), Saginaw, Mount Pleasant, Port Huron, November 2014 – In the Metro Detroit communities of Berkley and Huntington Woods, voters lifted local bans on possession of marijuana for individuals 21 years or older on private property.

Pleasant Ridge voted to make marijuana a low priority for city police officers.And Saginaw voters put a new section in the city’s charter that prevents elected officials from placing further restrictions on marijuana use for people 21 and up who are on private property.

Saginaw County Sheriff William Federspiel said deputies will stop citing people with minor marijuana violations. However, interim Saginaw police Chief Robert Ruth and Saginaw County Prosecutor John McColgan both said they did not plan on having their respective departments change how they do their jobs.

Mount Pleasant voted that nothing in the city’s charter would punish marijuana possession of less than an ounce, which according to the city’s public information officer, won’t result in much of a change because they already do not target marijuana use.

Port Huron narrowly passed a similar ordinance to Berkley and Huntington Woods.

But what does it mean?

These local laws all conflict with state and federal laws that deem marijuana use illegal. The laws are, however, symbolic of the public’s increasing tolerance of marijuana use and possession.


We hope you all had a safe & Happy Thanksgiving

Keep The Peace -wounded warrior
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Michigan Medical Marijuana Director – Michigan’s Rejects Autism


The director of the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs – Mike Zimmer,rejects Autism for lack of medical evidence.In almost predictable fashion Mr. Zimmer rejected autism to be added to the list of conditions a patient must have to be eligible for a medical marijuana card.

That could be said for conditions already eligible and this man knows it! If the parents know this they must MR BILL pleadinghave already tried it at some point,one must wonder if our states attorney general has once again poisoned progress for his own political needs rather than have compassion for the “ailing little people beneath  him”.Attorney general Bill Schuette has and will play dirty to stop medical marijuana in this state and has done damage to patients lives and well being at every turn.It’s easy to arrest law abiding citizens as they are right there abiding by the law – Not hiding like the criminals that they need to be looking for !

The patients usually have their case dropped after their lives and reputations have been ruined,they loose everything defending themselves leaving only lawyers & the police coming ahead financially. 

Patients and caregivers MUST  act like criminals to prevent this very thing from happening to them.And of course we know our own governments stance on the subject…Arrest…Arrest…Arrest,SHAMEFUL.If dried Caterpillar excrement provided relief to a patient would we not investigate this as a treatment?Marijuana has been demonized for so long it is extremely hard-and dangerous-to push for more studies.

These appointed hypocrites will surely be using medical marijuana should they find themselves with a condition that calls for it but unless we see major changes in the USA,they will NEVER reveal that they do.


When you give one man power – one man is all powerful –  mmnews editor lOsTiNsPaCeS



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Michigan Medical Marijuana Panel Approves Autism 4-2

I Just Passed,To Make Life Better

I Just Passed,To Make Life Better

Poised to become the first state to allow medical marijuana for children with severe autism,The Michigan Medical Marijuana Review Panel listened to recommendations from some Detroit-area doctors which included the head of pediatric neurology at Children’s Hospital of Michigan and parents desperate for help.

Spectators cheered and applauded the vote

The marijuana would not be smoked and supporters say that marijuana oil extracted from the plant has been effective in controlling extreme physical behavior by kids suffering from severe autism.

You would think this is a done deal,unfortunately the way the system is set up,this approval is handed over to one person for approval or denial.The director of the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs – Mike Zimmer,who has until late October to make a final decision.

Let’s hope Mike does the right thing here,this is just another example of too much power in one persons hands.This vote passed a panel yet there is this one person that the States Attorney General Bill Schuette can put the pressure on.Mr.Bill is a known opponent of Michigan’s Medical Marijuana Law effective December 4th 2008.

Any attorney in this state knows all to well the dirty tactics used to arrest medical marijuana patients in this state and we expect that this vote will face the same opposition as any other vote to add conditions to the registry.

Medical Marijuana Lawyer (and host of the Medical Marijuana Web Talk Radio Show-*Planet Green Trees*-Player on our main page)Michael Komorn,filed a petition on behalf of a southeastern Michigan mother,said no other state allows medical marijuana for severe autism.

Dr.David Crocker voted in favor and noted that two doctors need to give their approval for a child to get a medical marijuana card from the state (parents administer the medicine).

Dr. Eden Wells votes against and says she is not convinced that there is enough research on the topic,especially the long-term effects of marijuana with children.

Only one condition,post traumatic stress disorder,has been added to qualify since the laws initiation December 4th 2008.

Comment from Michigan Medical Marijuana News Editor – Let’s Take some of the surplus money from the Michigan Medical Marijuana registry card funds (last est. over 10 million dollars) and do the research to help people instead of trying to appropriate the funds for police to continue to arrest patients and provide clear lines for caregivers and patients to follow.


MMNEWS Editor – LoStInSpAcEs

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Otsego County Patients Affected By Recent Police Raids,Dispensaries Closed

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Medical Marijuana Dispensaries & Mediables Are Back On Agendas In Michigan

Medical marijuana is back on agendas in Lansing.

Medical marijuana is back on agendas in Lansing.

The Michigan House Judiciary Committee is to begin new hearings today for two medical-marijuana bills. Both passed the House overwhelmingly last year, then hit roadblocks in the lame-duck session of the state Senate last fall, when statewide police groups lobbied hard against them.

The bills would allow two big additions to Michigan’s medical-marijuana landscape:

■ Dispensaries, the shops that claim to sell tested medical marijuana in secure settings, so that users aren’t forced to buy whatever the local street-corner dealer is selling.

■ Medibles, the slang word for marijuana that is edible or consumed in various ways other than smoking, an option that many users say is vital to their health because they can’t or won’t smoke the drug.

On one side of the renewed debate are those who say that state voters declared marijuana was medicine in the 2008 election, passing Michigan’s medical marijuana act with 63% of the vote. On the other side are those who say that many of Michigan’s approximately 100,000 state-approved users of medical marijuana just want to get high and that dispensaries amount to legalized drug dealing.

State Rep. Mike Callton, R-Nashville, a chiropractor from southwest Michigan, is the chief sponsor of the dispensaries bill — House Bill 4209 — and he co-wrote the medibles bill, House Bill 4210. Although dispensaries are illegal, hundreds are said to be open across the state and Callton has visited several.

“You have some very good ones, very concerned about product quality,” he said.

“And you have some others that are just slinging dope. I’ve been to a place in Flint where a circle of men were passing a joint around, and they all said they all had medical marijuana cards. That’s recreational use operating under the guise of medical use,” Callton said.

After law-enforcement objections stymied the bills last year, new versions have been tweaked to please not only the police groups but Gov. Rick Snyder as well, Callton said.

Snyder’s staff and some state lawmakers wanted the state’s Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs to have a strong hand in regulating dispensaries, said Robin Schneider, legal liaison of the Detroit-based National Patients Rights Association.

After Michigan voters approved the state’s medical marijuana act, both dispensaries and medibles surfaced in every county, proliferating until court cases and law-enforcement officials clamped down, Schneider said. The state once had an estimated 400 dispensaries but now has about half that many, and they must operate in the shadows out of fear of police raids, she said.

Likewise, medible forms of cannabis also are law-enforcement targets after a state Court of Appeals ruling in 2013 said that all forms of nonsmokable marijuana were illegal — from tinctures and lotions to marijuana brownies.

“Michigan is definitely at the back of the train on both dispensaries and edibles,” said Karen O’Keefe, a lawyer in charge of state policies for the Marijuana Policy Project, a nonprofit group in Washington, D.C., that favors legalizing cannabis.

Only three of the 23 medical-marijuana states — Hawaii, Montana and Michigan — fail to allow some form of stores for adult users, said O’Keefe, a Grosse Pointe Farms native. Of those, Hawaii is “very likely” to approve dispensaries this year, she said.

Numerous other states allow medibles, so that children with epilepsy or seniors with lung disorders can use medical marijuana without needing to smoke it, O’Keefe added.

The House Judiciary Committee hearings are to begin at 9 a.m. today at the House Office Building, 124 N. Capitol, Room 307.

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Isn’t It Time To Legalize Marijuana ?



Michigan’s prospects for adopting a marijuana legalization program in 2016 are brighter as the Michigan Comprehensive Cannabis Law Reform Initiative Committee (MCCLRIC) announces their intention to launch a petition drive and collect signatures in 2015.


“The time is right and people are demanding a comprehensive petition that protects medical marijuana, creates a responsible tax and regulation system for adult use age 21 and over, and permits the farming of hemp for Michigan agriculture, food and industry,” said MCCLRIC chairman Jeffrey Hank, an attorney from Lansing.


“The proposal could bring 25,000 jobs and net $200 million in revenue, while slashing $300 million from expenses,” explained Detroit attorney Matthew Abel, a MCCLRIC Board member.


Proposed language for the petition would include a strengthening of protections for registered medical marijuana patients, a legalized marijuana program and an advancement of the industrial hemp initiative established under legislation signed into law by Gov. Snyder earlier this year.


Some of the highlights of the proposal include: allowing citizens to cultivate 12 plants each, which mimics the medical marijuana possession limit; adding protections for medicinal marijuana patients and ensuring access for pediatric and elderly patients; and dedicating tax revenues toward public interest projects such as road repair and school funding.


“The organization’s Board of Directors is a stellar list of accomplished activists from Michigan,” said Rick Thompson, journalist and Board member of several other statewide patient advocacy organizations.


“We are open, transparent, democratic, indigenous Michigan activists, not shadowy outsiders,” Hank said. “This is a unique opportunity for Michigan to create the gold standard for cannabis law reform.”


Leadership for the MCCLRIC consists of eleven Board members, including several attorneys and noted media personalities. (See attached Board Membership Directory) All were elected at a gathering of statewide marijuana law reform advocates. The final language of the petition is being drafted.

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